R.I.P. Tom Gillen (Atari)

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    Maybe it's a bit too late but i want to post it here because we worked on various of my favorite games for the Jag. Tom was one of the level designers of Cybermorph + tester & he also did some of the sound effects for Alien Vs. Predator + testing as well. He tested a array of games for the system at Atari such as afromentioned games, Evolution: Dino Dudes, Doom, Checkered Flag, Kasumi Ninja, Raiden, Tempest 2000, Wolfenstein 3D & Trevor Mcfur in the Crescent Galaxy, among others. He also worked on Lynx titles such as Awesome Golf, Ms. Pac-Man & Rampage. He sadly passed away on January 15th of this year. He was respected & beloved by his colleagues, friends & family. You will not be forgotten Tom.
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