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Discussion in 'Sega Discussion' started by Scorpion Illuminati, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I am building a list of strings to display by my crash handler when my game crashes. I have posted a snippet on Bitbucket that you can look at as well as my comments and thoughts i have collected by various people. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    Scorpion Illuminati
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    I have a suggestion for you. Have a look at Capcom CPS2 stuff (games) in their decrypted form they have a pretty decent standard exception handler for the MC68000 CPU that CAPCOM did use on all of their games of that time. I believe they used the very same exception handler on their SF2 CE and Super SF 2 game for the Mega Drive.

    It does standard stuff like gather the state of the CPU, push to stack, clean up, recover error from stack and display at the screen. Then wait for user input while displaying the registers and stack memory. Should give you a good idea of what you would want on your own exception handler code.

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