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Thread: Release- ToeJam & Earl 3 Dreamcast Beta

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    DC3 Release- ToeJam & Earl 3 Dreamcast Beta

    Well guys and girls, it's finaly done. It has been released!

    Q: Did you get SEGA's permission?
    A: Nope, I didn't get any response. As this is a beta of a game for a console that's already dead for 10+ Years
    I think they woudn't care. And as long I don't make any money from it, I'm not conflicting their intrests(I hope).
    I'm releasing this at my own risk.

    Q: What about Greg Johnson?
    A: There are pieces of the code that Greg and Mark don’t own(SDK's, Katana Library's, stuff that other people from Visual Concepts made) ,

    so even though they don’t object to me sharing this within the community of Dreamcast enthusiasts, they can’t really give permission

    As for the Intellectual Property goes, Greg and Mark wont sue me for using the IP in this context.
    However, there is ONE limitation and that is that it should never be sold or pressed to disc

    This would go past the whole "community release" thing.

    Again to make it perfecly clear : He did not give me permission for releasing this game,

    he just turns his head the other way when it comes to the use of the Intellectual Property itself.

    Q: What about donating?
    A: The donation campaign idea has gone out of the window and the game is released for free.
    However, if you really want to thank me, I found a destination where a donation could go to.

    And that is Mardan School, its a special school located in America for kids that fall between the cracks with the normal school system.
    Kids for example that have Autism, ADD, ADHD and other learning issues, Mardan helps them to get them educated with extra care and time.

    As you might see in my profile, I live in the Netherlands but when I was younger, I fell between the cracks and had a terrible childhood.
    Later I got on a school that simmilair to Mardan and that was a life saver for me.

    So, if you wanted to donate to me. Please donate to the school instead, they need it harder then me and do fantastic work.
    I have been working together with the school to get international donations working so everyone that wants to donate, can donate :)
    Here is the link :
    A small note here : If you get an error after the donation, DONT PANIC! it's a known issue and is being worked on :)

    The Devkit
    Q : How did you get your devkit ?
    A : I got my devkit from ebay, bought it for around $1200 (plus additional costs such as customs and taxes)

    Q : On what medium did you discover the game ?
    A : When I received the devkit I was eager to see what was on the internal hard drive (all devkits have one, except older versions)
    I connected the kit to my PC and opened Windows Explorer, there where the raw files of the game.
    However, I had to rebuild the GD-M (GD Emulator) project file in order to get it to boot, when I got it to boot I went to AssemblerGames and showed my discovery.
    So there are no GD-ROMs that are discovered, I just got very lucky to find the game assets AND the binary to boot the game :)

    The game
    Q : Did you know ToeJam & Earl before the discovery ?
    A : Before I had this devkit, I even didn't really know ToeJam & Earl (I got a megadrive in the time, but was a hardcore sonic fan at the time and didn't have ToeJam & Earl)
    But when I got it working on the devkit, I found it hilarious and to my amazement it works really smooth and looked quite good for a beta/alpha.

    Game play

    Q: How is the game ?
    A : I've seen some video's of ToeJam & Earl 3 version and it's quite different from the version I found on the devkit.
    The version on the devkit is more like the original on the megadrive but then in 3D. So no bosses, gates, keys, mini-games and hub connected world.
    Also no cutscenes, you just begin at the begin of the map and go to the elevator then can go to the next level.

    Q : What about stability ?
    A : I found however that the game is becoming more unstable as you go through the levels. Levels 1 to 9 are stable, none to very few lockups.
    From level 10 and up, lockups become more frequent, however I was ble to get to Level 12, so it is possible :)

    Emulating the game
    Q : Help! I can't get it to work with NullDC!!
    A : For those who have issues with NullDC, I've found this build that works with TJ&E3.
    You can find it here and thank Greg2600 for pointing into the right direction :)

    So that are the most frequent questions answered I hope, if I know more I will update this post.

    One note for burning it to disc, the image requires to be overburnt as the image is exactly 80 Minutes

    The Download
    (By clicking the link and downloading the beta, you agree you wont press the it to disc or make any personal gains from it (other then just enjoy playing it)

    Again here is the Donation link :
    Just click on the PayPal button :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

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    Thank you.
    (disgruntled drunken signature insert here)

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    Probably wont ever play it (or even probably download it). But thanks all the same, people who share are people who care :)
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    Cheers man!
    People trying to burn this should know it might require overburning, but just really slightly. If it asks you to overburn, do it it'll be fine.
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    Thank you!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!

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    Thanks very much for releasing this man! Great times!

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    Thank you very much!

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    Thank you dude, I LOVE ToeJam and Earl.

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    Thanks for sharing this mate!

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    Just what I wanted for Christmas! Thank you! :)

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    A fantastic gift for everyone this Christmas! and to select a charitable organisation for donations instead of personal gain is wonderful $20 sent so if everyone who downloads the game donates what they can I am sure they will receive a healthy boost in income.

    I look forward to playing it!

    Thanks again!
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    Wauw, dank je wel :D (ENG: Thnx) donated a litle bit, the thx page is 404
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    Currently last year Technical Computing Student in Amsterdam.
    hope to get a internship at a awesome software company.

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    Thanks for the share, appreciated :)
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    On the iPad at the minute but will be downloading this shortly!

    Dreamcast, it's still thinking.

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    Thank you very much!

    Does anyone have any tips on how to burn the games... I have no clue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodeAsm View Post
    Wauw, dank je wel :D (ENG: Thnx) donated a litle bit, the thx page is 404
    Geen probleem! (ENG: No problem) and thanks for the donation, I can ensure you all that they will be really helped by this.
    The 404 error is being worked on, however, even IT people have Christmas vacation. but the donations will received by Mardan so don't worry :)

    And thanks everyone for your kind words, I'm really happy that my hard work has this result :)

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    Mad respect for getting this out there, mayor thanks for all who are involved!

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    I'm actually very happy you didn't listen to the negative comment you got the past months
    It makes you a great man to just do what you think is best, and is right

    big up (y)

    merry x-mas

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    Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to check out.

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