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Thread: So SEGA just took down my Shining Force 3 Premium disc video from youtube.

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    So SEGA just took down my Shining Force 3 Premium disc video from youtube.

    I have a few vids or the battles from the premium disc. At the time I put them up(2008), I dont think there was much or any footage of it online. Well got the copyright claim today and the first of 7 parts is gone. It was just straight gameplay, no alterations to speak of.

    Wonder if SEGA is planning something for Shining Force 3 that would make them take this step.

    SEGA just keeps making it harder and harder to be a fan.

    So should I take down the rest before my account gets blown up?

    ps: Kinda bugs me that the claim is by "sega". Isn't the official name SEGA.
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    Nah, they just trollin'.

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    every now n then they have to invent some work to do for the copyright guys ya know, so they can justify keeping them on the payroll. thats my theory
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    Just upload it again, anyone can claim copywrite

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    That is VERY weird. Not sure why that happened.
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    Probably a bogus automated DMCA request. Content holders are sending them out by the thousands every day, without even checking the links.


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