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Thread: saving sram issue

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    saving sram issue

    I'm trying to save my game for phantasy star. When I go to the save function i'm not exactly sure what's to be done. I highlighted the rom and even a .srm file from my computer to write over but nothing changes, nothing is written. it just says "copy..." and then "cb" and goes back to the menu. What am i missing? thanks.

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    looks like you destroys your rom , now your rom is not rom anymore, it is sram data dump. save function in sms cart load or write data to/from highlighted file
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    it fooled me! i thought nothing was being written at all. when i look at the rom and .srm file on the pc the file size and last date modified are unchanged. now i loaded the rom to an emulator and its corrupted. i loaded the .srm to the emulator with a good rom and it plays my saved game. cool! sorry to bug you. thanks for your time and effort on these devices Krikzz!


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