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Thread: Cirtech Re-programmable Flash Cartridge

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    Cirtech Re-programmable Flash Cartridge

    Anyone out there know about these? I can't find much information on it, but it could have been used for prototypes judging by the little information I found on it. It has a couple of Intel flash chips which hold two megabytes (16 megabits). I think it's either blank or requires a development system as I didn't even get a TMSS screen when I booted it up. Here's pics:

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    Cirtech is just the company who put it together. They made the PCB and possibly soldered the stuff onto it since they have their name on the case. Your best bet is to find out how to read those Intel flash chips and check it out on a PC for data. Maybe then there will be some info on the previous owner of this thing.
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    There's a special flash writer for this, one was on ebay 3 years ago for about $200.

    It's a cheaper than sega,and is a non official dev setup.

    It's not terribly useful, just collect it and enjoy. The writer is a nondescript beige box
    with a cart slot in the middle.
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