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Thread: ed-md or mega ed

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    ed-md or mega ed

    how are everdrive md and mega everdrive different.

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    Virtually all the same features of the EverDrive-MD plus...

    • Uses Cyclone II FPGA, much more powerful
    • Firmware/OS are loaded directly off SD card during start up, no more need for JTAG to update Firmware
    • Save States - Stop and Start a game at any point
    • Access to menu system in-game
    • Has both microSD and regular SD slots, so you have option of not having to mod cart shell if you don't want to do that
    • Mini USB port
    • Games load almost instantly, no more waiting
    • Plays WAV audio files
    • Can handle larger ROM files
    • Built-in Hex Editor
    • Supports Korean SMS mappers
    • Supports both Game Genie and Play-Action Replay codes
    • Better interface
    A few things that may be added via OS updates in the future:
    • FM sound support for SMS games
    • Emulators for earlier systems
    • Possibly some type of internet play via the USB port to computer (would require special hacked ROMs to work most likely)
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    Internet play should be amazing!!
    Any chance to buy only the Mega ED bare pcb?

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