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Thread: NGCollector - a new NGPC homebrew game where you try to obtain a full AES collection!

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    NGCollector - a new NGPC homebrew game where you try to obtain a full AES collection!

    I haven't played this yet, but the concept sounds hilarious.

    Here is the link with the rom (from the creator)

    I thought it would be pretty cool to make a Neo Geo-themed game. Given my interest in collecting AES (home) cartridges, I chose that as the theme. You are a collector trying to get a full set of AES cartridges. The in-game prices should be reasonably close to actual game cartridge values, although they may be somewhat outdated depending on when you play this game!

    Neo Geo collections can be expensive, so you will have to use a variety of ways to get money for your games! Gambling at the casino, robbing convenience stores, fishing at the flea market, working at a burger joint, or trading with a fellow collector, are all fair game!

    You can only hold ONE of each game, so trade wisely! Now you too can experience the life of a Neo Geo collector, but without sacrificing your soul, disposable income, and sanity!

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    First let me say this concept is simply brilliant. I just fear people will start to rationalize the stuff they are doing in the games, and will start doing them in real life to get a full AES set. Then we will see a headline on the news, "Man robs convenience store, confessed to police he did it for 'Blazing Star'. Police are baffled, but think this may be a new gang." - #1 Online Community for the Dreamcast, GameCube & Playstation 2
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    I made a (low quality) vid of the game in case you care to see it in action.

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    is Dion the final boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekb View Post
    is Dion the final boss
    I can say that I've seriously considered something like that :)

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    I was playing this the other day, and I noticed that if you keep gambling $10, like dozens/hundreds of times, you tend to make more money than you lose.
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