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Thread: Super Mario Bros. Prototype found on NES Player!

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    Nes Super Mario Bros. Prototype found on NES Player!

    So, on the 1st of April the "prototype" has been revealed: a Mario is Missing proto, which is the same as the final...

    Nintendo Player has just obtained an historic Mario prototype for the NES. While we’re still checking the game for changes, we can say for sure that in its current state the game is nearly unplayable.
    Nintendo has a strict policy when it comes to their prototypes. For that reason, few true betas from the Mario series exist outside of Nintendo’s headquarters.
    This cartridge is, to our knowledge, the only copy in private hands and has never been seen by the general public before. Again, and we cannot stress this enough, our Mario NES prototype is nothing if not historical.
    Please try to stay patient with us while we continue to search through the game code and prep the article. Check back early next month, when all will be revealed.

    This can be over 9000!
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