To those members that live in or around Central Florida, on Saturday, May 26th, 2012, Orlando Mini-Maker Faire will be held.

I belong to the hackerspace FamiLAB, and have gained a reputation of being a retro game enthusiast/hacker.

I was approached by Ian Cole, of our space, and who is also an organizer to the maker faire with the following request:
I'd like to have a retro gaming section at Orlando Mini Maker Faire - ideally, we'd recruit some people to help run it - and I want to be careful pulling from the normal lab folks who will be very busy that day with plenty of other areas. Know anyone good that we could get involved? Maybe someone from the Nerds & Geeks group?
After questioning him, he elaborated further..

We are very flexible and haven't pinned down a concept. Anyone interested can email me, call me, or fill out this form -

Ideally, there would some nature of hands-on component, not just people selling stuff - but we can have some fun with the concept.

Could be as simple as letting people play the retro stuff, or showing how to bring an NES back to life with a new cartridge slot, etc.

Biggest thing is pinning something down SOON so that we can properly allocate space.
I'm thinking of also reaching out to the Ben Heck community, and I have a few mods I could show off, but figure this would be the perfect group to start out with. What I'd like is a real life representation of this forum.

Show and Tell Booths and Show and Sell Booths are both welcome. AKA "Check out this cool handheld N64 I made, check out the build log, and would you like to buy it?" Or.. "I modified Super Mario World, here play this custom build on an actual SNES..would you like some more info on coding for the SNES?"

Or maybe just people talking about the history of video games.

Reply if you are near Central Florida and are interested in participating. :)

Our space has had two Retro Gaming Arcade Events at our local History Center:

and one game night at our space:

Again check out the site:

and reply here, or PM me if you're interested in promotin' yur stuff!