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    just got an everdrive megadrive from stoneage gamer
    Os version 29 firmware version 13
    assembly date 2011-11-25
    they megakey always says OFF i can turn region free to on but it doesn't do anything
    using a US genesis model 2 most Japanese games work, most European ones dont
    a few exceptions in both cases- will i have to patch every rom before loading them on the SD card?

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    PCB is either 2.4 or 2.5 purchased a crimson edition so am not sure-also am having problems with gg-the roms will not patch, it says

    Done 0
    Rom patching... 21

    but it never finishes-any help guys?

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    megakey don't work on some systems, especially on nomads
    I looking for genesis 2 with motherboard VA2

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