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Thread: where is there a Working NFL Quarterback Club 32X, wwf raw 32x, fifia 32x

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    does anyone know if NFL Quarterback Club 32X, wwf raw 32x, fifia 32x work at all

    anyone know if nfl quarterback club 32x, wwf raw 32x and fifa 32x work at all?
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    I've definitely played WWF Raw 32X on the EverDrive. Don't recall about the other two, but I'd think I'd remember if I tried them and they didn't work.

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    It seems Fifa and WWF work for me. NFL Quarterback Club crashed with blue bars, probably I found a bad rom.

    These three games are region free world format. In a technical sense there's no such thing as "US, JPN, or PAL" program version for them. Sega placed exact same data on the cartridges for all countries.

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    Quarterback Club probably is an EEPROM issue. Try to find a hacked rom I guess.


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