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Thread: Mayu's Dreamcast Collection (work in progress)

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    Mayu's Dreamcast Collection

    Ok, first a little word. I got my DC the day it came out & have been buying the stuff ever since. Living in a small country like Belgium did not help this go fast ;-) so thank god for the internet. Also 7 years ago, we got a child, so my collecting went very low profile for 3 or 4 years (as did my gaming :gravedigging:). I put most of my stuff in boxes & it has been there for a long time. Last year we bought ourselves a new app, with an extra room :pray:. So now over the last year I've slowly started unpacking stuff again & today I actually started taking photos of everything again. It will be a work in progress, as I also got a small child I have to do stuff with & mainly coz...well a dreamcast collection is never complete.

    So I'll start out with some games today & will slowly be adding new pics over the next days (weeks) and when I get new goodies. Hope this wasn't a boring read :flamethrower:

    So here goes:

    The Complete PAL collection

    You may notice that Samba De Amigo isn't in there, thats coz its resting in its PAL Limited Box which I'll be posting later on. Not a single box with a single crack, they are all mint. I first completed the damn thing & then bought a lot of sealed UEFA Striker games & started puzzling. Also a bunch of em are still factory sealed (Evil Twin, Project Justice, SF3 Third Strike, and so on...)

    NTSC US Collection

    The idea behind this was simple: to get the games that were translated but never made it to euro-world.Mind that Seaman & AFO are further down in the boxed section.

    NTSC US Games With Non-VGA PAL Counterpart

    Pretty obvious I suppose. Some PAL games don't support VGA, their US counterpart does. Still need to get a few of these. I also put Quake 3 in here coz its one of the US games you need when you live abroad & still want to play the game online ;)

    NTSC Japanese Collection

    Same idea as above, only here I still need a few hundred :lol:, lets hope I live long enough. I have to an extent Limited Japanese boxes (the big ones with goodies), but will post em later.

    Indie & Unreleased Collection

    I went for a PAL style look for the unreleased games (still need one for Hellgate though). The actual disks have the front inlay printed on em in colour (as it should be :thumbsup:). OCD I hear you say??? Indeed :-P

    PAL Boxes

    House Of The Dead

    As I said In Several's thread, this one has the pic printed on the box in stead of the usual cardboard sleeve.

    Planet Ring

    Believe it or not, but I'm one of those folks who actually played this now obsolete game online back in the days.

    Sega Bass Fishing

    Always had a soft spot for this one, it also works on a few other games like Virtua Tennis (I like this over Wii tennis, coz here you actually have to steer your player across the field with the stick, before hitting). I seem to remember also playing a racegame with it, you have to turn the reel to accellerate; can't remember which game though. Soul Calibur works too, although its just wacking the thing around in the dark without knowing what's gonna come out; good thing is: you'll see yourself pulling off combos you didn't even knew existed ;-).

    Samba De Amigo

    Glad I have had it in my possession for a long time, when I see what outrageous prices folks pay for this nowadays.

    NTSC Japanese Boxes & Limited Edition Boxes

    Candy Stripe Limited Edition

    Card Captor Sakura Limited Edition

    Comic Party Limited Edition

    De La Jet Set Radio Limited Edition

    Di Gi Charat Fantasy Limited Edition

    Don't Panic! Seaman

    Eternal Arcadia Limited Edition

    Iris Limited Edition

    I LOVE this one, it comes with a hand doll. Obviously its made for japanese hands, so mine don't fit it ;-).

    Kiteretsu Boys Gan Gagan

    Love Hina Smile Again Limited Edition

    Macross M3 Limited Edition

    Nakoruru - Ano Hito Kara No Okurimono Limited Edition

    Perpetual Blue Limited Edition

    Sakura Wars 2 Limited Edition

    Sakura Wars 3 Limited Edition

    Sakura Wars 4 Limited Edition

    Sakura Wars Online Paris No Nagai Hibi Limited Edition

    Sakura Wars Online Teito no Nagai Nichinichi Limited Edition

    Shinseiki Evangelion: Ayanami Rei Ikusei Keikaku

    Shinseiki Evangelion: Typing E Keikaku

    Shinseiki Evangelion: Typing Hokan Keikaku

    Sonic Adventure Limited Edition Birthday Pack

    I just LOVE Japanese goodies :pray:.

    NTSC US Boxes

    Alien Front Online

    Caution Seaman

    Notice the bag of gummies (fish shaped candy) in the left corner of the pic. They were handed out as promotional stuff when the game was released. I guess you could call it the rarest thing in my collection, coz I'm prolly the only one out there who didn't eat em (I'd prolly die of food poisoning if I did now). I have yet to see this on ebay.

    PAL White Labels

    Not that many, but a few nice ones like Headhunter, Evil Twin, Giant Killers. The Sonic Collection box has all 3 Sonic games in there.Oh yes, and also the white Phantasy Star Online master disk (with its online codes).

    PAL Clam Style Promos

    Again, only a few, but these are hard to find. They are full PAL games in clam style boxes, they have stuff written on the back like: for bundle purposes only, for display only, not for resale, etc...
    I still hope to find more of these.

    PAL Dreamcast Magazine Planet Ring

    This was given for free with the magazine. It's a full copy of the game in a regular case. There are also minor differences with the regular PAL cover of the game.

    PAL Dream On Complete

    Seems I still have the Dream On & DC-UK videotape. I don't even own a videorecorder anymore ;-).

    Browser Disks

    Useless now, but I have good memories of this stuff...the Dreamarena chatrooms; those were the days ;-)


    Bootdisks & the likes

    Coz everybody needs em ;-)

    PAL Hardware

    PAL Model 1 & 2 Dreamcast

    I still use my model 1 to this very day, they are indestructible. My model 1 I bought at launchday (or in fact the day or so after) has a scartcable in the box. The later model 2 has an rf cable. Now why would they do that? Sort of like from good to bad picture quality.The left box isn't discoloured, the model 2 blue print is/was of a slightly darker blue.

    PAL Azerty Keyboard & Mouse

    A little harder to get than its Qwerty counterpart, but not impossible to find. Lucky for me they were released this way in my country since I can't type on a Qwerty board :-P.

    PAL Arcade Stick

    Again, almost indestructible.

    PAL Racing Controller

    Unlike most folks, I prefer this one over the 3rd party ones, I love the analog triggers behind the wheel.

    PAL Gun

    Coz a man needs at least 2 guns :flamethrower:.

    PAL Misc

    I got a ton of these (as I assume does everybody else) you can never have enough controllers & vmus.

    Japanese Peripherals


    The illustrious karaoke machine, now obsolete, still a nice piece of hardware to own. Still missing the gr-rom of this, getting it from a friend soon.

    Twin Sticks

    Only good for one game, but a great experience all in all.

    Densha De Go Controller

    Same as the above, only good for one game.The hole in the middle is for a pocketwatch, all japanese train drivers have one to stay synced with the stations (or at least thats what I heard).

    Ascii Mission Stick

    Ideal for flight games, it's also very good for FPS and I always play Armada with it. Buttons are completely programmable.

    DDR Dance Mat

    I'm sure this needs no explanation :dance:. You feel like an idiot at first, but it's quite fun actually.

    Pop 'N Music Controller

    Essential for popper games. You can't really tell from a pic, but this thing is huge. And by huge I mean its almost the size of a model 2 PS2.

    Dream Eye

    Now obsolete, good for DC to DC videocalls back in the day. The Dream Eye itsself is also a 3 megapixel portable camera, provided you put batteries in it. As always Sega was ahead of its time.

    Broadband Adapter

    I removed it from my dreamcast specially for this pic. Its always in place in case I want to play PSO

    VGA Box

    The way to play!! Alas I don't have its box. :crying:

    Dreamcast Link Cable

    The one that everybody wants :pray:

    DC-NGPC Link Cable

    Regular Ascii Pad

    Capcom Special Edition Ascii Pad

    Great for fighters & shmups. The Capcom version comes with a deck of cards showing the combinations of buttons for each character's special moves. On the flip side there's a full size character pic. I turned over the Cammy card coz...well everybody loves Cammy right? :love2:

    Blue Transparent Millennium Controller

    Nothing special, its blue, its transparent; I'm sure everybody has it.

    Pink Transparent Controller

    Pink & über cute :love2:

    Misc Peripherals

    US Fishing Rod

    Found another rod in a box, US version this time.

    Hais Arcade Stick

    Fully programmable & has rumble built in.

    Dream Blaster

    Found another gun in a box. Mad Cats this time, I had 2 of these, came in a lot long time ago, I only kept one for the collection.

    Topway Mouse

    Came in the same lot as the above, no box, no manual, no nothing. Just keeping it.

    Extention Cable

    Now this is a very useful piece of hardware. The only thing bad on a DC imo, is that its controller ports wear out way to fast from inserting/unplugging the controller. I got one of these plugged in my DC at all times & never remove it, hence the port stays as good as new.

    PC > DC Link Cable

    Used to move data from the vmu to your pc, plugs into the serial port of the computer.

    Limited Edition Consoles

    Sakura Wars

    Treamcast Hardware

    Black Model 3

    The only one I have. Why? The first one sucks & model 2 has a far to big butt ugly screen. This one has the best screen (picture quality wise). I popped in a game to show off its sheer awesomeness :-).

    Dream Para Para

    Ah...the elusive Dream Para Para. Now the only thing the DC lacked imo (when it comes to odd hardware) was a Para Para Paradise game. Alas...
    Lucky for us, our friends down in China don't bother about things like copyright & such more. This game was hacked straight from a Konami arcade machine, they added some tunes, threw in some extra FMV and there you have it. This is VERY hard to find btw, I only know one other person who has one. Should you ever stumble across it, buy it or you'll never find it again :dance:.

    VMUS & Memory Cards

    US Transparent Coloured Set + 4x White Memorycard

    I'm putting this first just to tease you Several :-P. It has the yellow one.

    Cho Hatsume & Giant Gram

    Everybody knows these, nothing special.

    Gamera, Ghiddrah & Godzilla

    Still missing the Green Godzilla v2 (thanks to Kron for pointing that one out to me) but I'll prolly never find it . They each have their respective monster living in the vmu, hook em up to let em fight. Also when plugged into the controller, they change the background of the DC's status screen to a pic of Sonic & Tails. Very nice, I love Kaiju stuff :pray:. I also have a Ghiddrah one which has a green body (seems the colourscheme on each figuring is a bit different), but I didn't include it in the pic as its basically the same object.

    Stuff To Wear

    Red Swirl Electronics Boutique Shirt

    Has the EB logo on the left sleeve (right in the pic).

    Red Swirl Jacket

    Both logos are embroidered on the jacket. Has the manufacturer's tag still on, brandnew.

    Blue Swirl Swimming Gear

    I've always wanted to put it on to go to work (I'm a lifeguard at a public pool), but I'm afraid my collegues just wouldn't get it.

    Blue Swirl Backpack



    Coz you need to put your swimming gear somewhere ;-)

    Blue Swils GD Rom Case

    Room for 8 games inside



    Ling Shen Hua & Mr Sega


    Seaman Ikusei Shien Kit

    Seaman Promotional Can

    It was in stores before the game came out, there should only be a few hundred made of these. When you take the lif off , it says in Seaman's voice (see small black loudspeaker) "I'm Seaman, you can't put me back if that's what you're thinking"


    Car Stickers

    See through Pal car window stickers, I got them from Shinebi. No idea if these are official or home made.

    Official Sonic Adventure 2 Sticker Sheet

    To Be Continued...
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    PAL/EU complete
    NTSC/US complete

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    Thanks for sharing mate. Complete PAL collection! Hope to I'll do the same in the future.

    PAL games sorted by A-Z, it caught my interest. You must to be tidy like me ^^

    Waiting for more ;-)

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    very impressed at the complete PAL collection mate, all without cracks too, you must be very careful with them, good luck on collecting the rest :thumbsup:

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    wow, amazing collection mate. love your SOA avatar too : )

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    added cardboard boxed games to the list

    added pal white labels & clam style promos to the list
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    PAL/EU complete
    NTSC/US complete

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    Very impressive mazonemayu!!! I like the way you organize your games and i envy :evil: Viva Rock Vegas! Gimme one Seaman jelly and let me die from poisoning... :-)

    The legend will never die...

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    added Dream On, browsers, Bleemcast & bootdisks

    I think that's aboud it for disks.

    next: hardware & goodies

    I was wrong, still had some games to add.
    added PAL Boxes.
    so now we can finally get to hardware ;-)
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    Oh, Samba de amigo set. Wish I found clean one :)

    Thanks for sharing mate. I'm waiting for hw now ;)

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    Nice PAL set - good luck on the rest :-)
    Our name is Legion: for we are many

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    An incredible collection, a great achievement!

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    added the (complete) pal hardware collection. I think I have everything on this front.

    next: japanese peripherals

    added the first part of my japanese peripherals. will dig up the rest & take piccies next week.
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    PAL/EU complete
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    Every update of yours it's like a Kinder surprise! Keep it up!

    The legend will never die...

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    Great stuff! Very impressed.
    Good money paid for all Sega Saturn Demo's/Promos/Proto's and beta's. PM me!
    [KnAPPzak -Op weg met je Android]

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    Great hardware set! I'm always wondering how to play with Densha de go controller (:

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    added the rest of my peripherals
    -popper controller
    -dream eye
    -broadband adapter
    -DC link cable
    -ascii pad (capcom special edition)
    -blue millennium controller
    -US fishing rod
    -another arcade stick
    -another gun
    -another mouse
    -extention cable
    -pc > dc link cable

    next: who knows...;)
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    PAL/EU complete
    NTSC/US complete

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    lol, updates never end, I love it :D

    You right, link cable is one of the rarest dc accessories :) I saw it on sale only one time. Congrats.

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    Yeah! I took my Dreamcast dose for tonight! The latest adds are very very interesting.

    The legend will never die...

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    -treamcast stuff
    -vmus & such (I didn't put the ones that come with certain games there, coz they're already up there higher)


    things to put on
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    PAL/EU complete
    NTSC/US complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazonemayu View Post

    I'm putting this first just to tease you Several :-P. It has the yellow one.
    Message received friend :nod:

    I like so much all of your collection. You have selected good hw and great titles. Please keep it up!

    Oh, I have "yellow answer" for you in my latest update, lol :-)

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