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Thread: 64dd UNRELEASED dezaemon 3D expansion FOUND!!!!!

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    Dev LBA. If I can find some free time I'll help you with your previous post. Works been very demanding lately

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    Thanks! No rush though obviously, take your time.

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    wow awesome, you dont see those 64dd very often.

    lucky bastards :p

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    Taking a stab at the diskID, it should be something similiar to this:
    45445A4A 00000001 -------- --------
    -------- -------- 45374154 4E465330

    Unlike other combo games this one is a pure data disk; it won't hijack the original game in other words. Although the game ID itself doesn't appear to be tested, it does look at the company code and a special string stuffed into the reserved slot.
    The company code should match Atlas: 'E7'
    The first five bytes identify this as a Dezaemon expansion: 'ATNFS'
    The final byte is a text numeral, from 0-5, denoting the disk type. This is used, firstly, to look up the ROM and RAM filetables, and secondly to denote the number of entries in the RAM table. With a bad value, you'll miss the table and parse it wrong. This particular disk happens to be type 0, so that should be set to '0'.

    The filetable format is custom (not MFS). The ROM and RAM tables only differ in the number of entries they contain. The RAM table is within the first RAM section LBA, in the case of this disk 0x59A and is preceeded by a 0x1674 header. The ROM table is in the previous LBA (last of ROM section) and contains no header.
    ROM table always uses 0x342 entries; RAM table based on disk type, 0x1E0 in this case since it is a disk0, but the other sizes are 0x1D4, 0x1C8, 0x1BC, 0x1B0, and 0x19E.
    section 1 1 byte ea. RESERVED
    section 2 0xB bytes ea. filename
    section 3 2 bytes ea. starting LBA
    section 4 2 bytes ea. size in LBA
    section 5 2 bytes ea. RESERVED
    section 6 4 bytes ea. size in bytes

    All files are LZSS binary-mode encoded (0x00 instead of space fills), and I have a complete dump of the files if anyone's interested. Also have a complete filelist. Incidentally, the RAM section files were all at one point deleted. I double-checked and they're identical to the current entries, so maybe just a sign of a load/reload.

    A good question is if the other Dezaemon disks are also type 0 or a different type. It would make sense if they made several to test the disk type detection.


    Rigged it up so the resources can be extracted by this:

    Requires python 3. It will also extract the contents of the cart as well, but formatting it all is your problem ;*) The *.?GR files are c16 images, 0x40 wide and alternately long. These are then re-tiled ingame to make the image reference. Pretty sure there's a global one (or maybe for title?) and individual ones for each stage.

    Anyway, you can actually just drop stuff from one into the other. Haven't tried placing them in an SRAM file yet, but there's a chance that might work as well.
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    File in the first post is deleted... Please anyone share it.

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    yeap please reupload and share this gem!

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    from The only one I could find.

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    thnx but only 1.7mb? are you sure that is the same file as the dead link of the first post of this topic?

    EDIT: oops sorry.. i just unrar it and it is 61mb ... what a perfectly compression

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agahnim View Post
    thnx but only 1.7mb? are you sure that is the same file as the dead link of the first post of this topic?

    EDIT: oops sorry.. i just unrar it and it is 61mb ... what a perfectly compression

    Its compressed. My copy from the original download was 64.5mb uncompressed.
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    pza, thanks a lot for link!
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    Thank you for fixing link

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    Any new stuff going on?

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