Dark skin available for use.

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For those who are averse to the sun, I have created a dark color scheme for the forums.

Go to the top right and click on "Settings"

Under "My Settings" pick "General Settings" ( I kid you not, they coded it with three nested menus)

Scroll down and select "Forum Skin" and the option is the color "Fogey".

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Updated 02-27-2012 at 05:33 PM by ASSEMbler



  1. wheelaa's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks!

    You can also changes skins quickly via the box at the bottom left of a page. (Quick Style Chooser box)

    Edit - bizarrely this blog post is white text on white background under the fabulous FOGEY skin.
    Updated 02-27-2012 at 05:43 PM by wheelaa
  2. karsten's Avatar
    looks good but some text disappeaers being white on white BG... kev take a fucking nap :D
  3. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    As said above, much better - however a bunch of colours or formatting is wrong.

    I.e. I cant read any of the comments above due to white text on white background. Also the little boxes with page numbers (when a thread is over 1 page) also isnt correctly viewable.

    But appreciated all the same!
  4. sonik's Avatar
    Also, some buttons (the ones with red background) are hard to read too.
    The texts on those buttons should be white and not black.
  5. Mr. Rare's Avatar
    Love black and red skin OG! Yeah can't read any comments though. White on white.
  6. C-Kronos's Avatar
    From what I've seen so far, it looks good. However, text in the archive calender is a bit difficult to read.. While it's better than the blue layout in my opinion, it still has some issues that I hope get resolved. If I notice any more, I'll PM them to you.