Awesome Saturn games that nobody ever mentions

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Instead of doing just a test post, I'd like to dedicate my first blog post to those awesome Saturn games that nobody ever mentions while talking about the best Saturn titles. Even though many of them aren't even all that obscure, these games often get overlooked:



Along with Battle Garegga, Dodonpachi and Radiant Silvergun one of the best shooters on the Saturn. No other console port was ever released, probably because the arcade version ran on Sega's Saturn-based ST-V board.

Vampire Savior


The Capcom 2D fighter everyone forgets, but it plays just as well as the Saturn Vs titles, and the port is arcade perfect with no load times thanks to the 4 Meg cart.



A fun criminally overlooked mech shooter from back when mech games seemed to be all the rage with titles like Mechwarrior 2, Heavy Gear, Armored Core and Virtual On all coming out within the space of a few years (which was all right for me as a fan of mechs/giant robots).

Hyper Duel


This shooter from Tecnosoft, creators of the Thunder Force series is very expensive these days, but if you're a TF fan, Hyper Duel could be described as a "spinoff" of the series, at least as far the pace of the game is concerned. Like Soukyugurentai, the Saturn version was the only console port released.

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  1. wheelaa's Avatar
    Good stuff! Although Souky saw a PS release.
  2. 7Force's Avatar
    Thanks! Yeah, I actually had no idea about that when writing this blog post, and only found out about it through an article on that old site, Destroy All Monsters.
  3. Juste's Avatar
    So glad you listed Vampire Savior. Wish it wasn't overlooked so much. :(
  4. ave's Avatar
    The PSX release of Soukyuugurentai provided more content than the Saturn version (an extra yellow ship), but in terms of technical aspects it was a bit weaker.