RIP SonicComicWorld...

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OK, I know there are plenty of Sonic fans here like me. Some of you reading this have no doubt heard of or been to a YouTube channel titled:"SonicComicWorld". Bad news for people who haven't been there for over 3 weeks from the time I posted this, it has been shut down. Some people say it was a hacker. Others say it was Archie Comics threatening to sue over copyright infringement. What ever it was, that channel is gone.

Now, the whole "copyright infringement" may be true, but I've got news for those who think it was right to close the channel over that: I actually went and got myself a subscription to the comics from reading then on that channel. I'm sure many others have done the same thing. So in a sense, SonicComicWorld was also helping to advertise for Archie Comics.

Those who support the channel may be wondering:"What can we do?" Below is a video link that explains what I said above. Send a PM to the uploader if you have a YouTube account. This person is making a list of those demanding the channel back to send in to Archie comics. If all else fails, boycott them. That should get their attention.

Finally, recruit as many supporters as you can. Spam this as far as you possibly can. If you miss having older issues of the fabulous Sonic Comic lines available, you will understand and support this. I do not promote or even like copyright infringement, but the really old issues of the comics are hard to get a hold of. I seriously doubt that SonicComicWorld was REALLY hurting Archie Comic's Sonic line sales at all.

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