Install APPS/Elfs to the PS2 Browser/Game Channel(updated)

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Installing APPS/ELF's to the Browser/Game-Channel:

installing apps is a pain in the ass at the moment because no app exist to do it automaticly. need a dvdelf.bin matching your console region, you should have one that is 1,6mb big in size, so it can host bigger elf's aswell.

you can use the dvelf_dumper.elf, to get the dvdelf.bin from your console, but it might be too small to install certain elf's, if your console is older. need the fmcb installer, to inject the elf into the dvdelf.bin, you need to put your DVDELF.BIN and the elf you want to install,
into the inject folder, and rename the elf you want to install to EMBED.ELF. run the installer as normal, and install it to your memory card.
after the install is complete, copy the osdmain.elf(on some machines, this file is called different)
inside the "BEEXEC-SYSTEM" folder (if your system is not european, this folder is called different) from the memory card to your pc, open up a hexeditor and
compare the first few lines with the original DVDELF.BIN from the inject folder of the fmcb installer
and change the osdmain.elf header back, so it matches the DVDELF.BIN header. rename the modiefied file to "BOOT.ELF", or whatever you wish to call it,
but remember you need to change the boot2 parameter in the partition header to match your elf name, later.

note: you can also use the "EMBED" tool to inject your elfs into the dvdelf.bin, but i never got that to work, so i cant give further details.

3.use l_oliviera's hacked ule, create a partition with the beginnig letters "PP." example "PP.SLPS-00001.BOOT.BOOT" for ule.
copy the "BOOT.ELF", or what ever you called it into the root of the partition.

4. connect the hdd to the pc, open the hdd with a hexeditor's sector editor and use the search function to find the partition name you just created before.
in this case "PP.SLPS-00001.BOOT.BOOT", then its important that you find the partition itself, not just the partition entry from the mbr at the beginning of the hdd,
watch out for this.

5. when you finaly found the partition:

extract the hdd-dat.rar

if you need to make changes to osdinfo.dat and system.cnf.dat, do it with winhex.
but remember to put "0D 0A" byte at the end of every line/parameter, if you happen to change "osdinfo.dat" or "system.cnf.dat".

write the files via a hexeditor to the corresponding sector of the partition. it might be a little bit tricky.

Sector 0 - APA Header. partition name. dont change anything.

Sector 8 - OSD parameters (equivalent to 1st half of icon.sys on a MC save) write icon.dat here

Sector 9 - BOOT CONF (same as system.cnf)write system.cnf.dat here. you need to match the BOOT2 parameter, depending on how you named your "ELF".

Sector 10 - User friendly name, 3D Icon lighting parameters and up to 3 uninstall messages (equivalent to the 2nd half of the icon.sys file on a MC save) write osdinfo.dat here.
you may want to edit osdinfo.dat to match the title to fit your application, example "u Laucnh Elf".

Sector 11 (or 12) - Partition icon (same format as an memory card icon) copy any memory card compatible icon here you wish to use.

but remember to not forget to put "0D 0A" byte after every line, if you happen to change "osdinfo.dat" or "system.cnf.dat".

6. put the hdd back into your ps2 and launch the partition by clicking on the icon in the browser/games channel.

optional for PSBBN user's:

7.if you use PSBBN and want to have a custom logo in the games channel, then extract the "res.rar" and edit the "title" in the "info.sys" inside of the "res" folder with wordpad to match your app.
then copy any "png" you like, into the "res" folder and rename the png to "jkt_001.png", when you're done, copy the "res" folder to the root of your application partition.
and thats it!

optional for PSX(DVR-Console) user's:

8.if you happen to have a PSX(DVR-Console) you need to rename the png to "jkt_002.png" and it has to be very small in resoulutin.
but since no one can install/run homebrew apps on these things NOW, its pretty useless to mention actually right now, but just in case :)

if apps require specific partition names, like OpenPS2Loader, you need to recompile it yourself from the sources and find the "+OPL" string in the source files,
and match it to something like "PP.SLPM-12345.OPL.OPL" or what ever partition you created for it.

apps like scummvm on the other hand are a huge problem, it was build with an old ps2sdk revision, and you cant compile it with the newest sdk revision, and also, the main elf is around 18mb big,
which is TOO big to inject into the dvdelf.bin, but if you are able to compile it so that the engines(plg's) are not compiled into the main elf, like they do for their daily builds,
then it "could" work maybe, if you compress the elf.

we need a little elf launcher which launches a elf from the same directory it is installed to, so apps like scummvm can be installed to hdd.


here are some pre-injected elfs for use on ONLY PAL SCPH-XXXX3/4 console's.
the opl version included in that archive needs the partition name"PP.SLPM-12345.OPL.OPL"

the dvelf_dumper.elf:

and here is a regionfree 1.6mb dvdelf.bin for use on ANY ps2 console

and here some basic icons made by me for use with the partitions(the opl icon is from the mc save)

and here the above tutorial in a txt file:

have fun!

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  1. richi902's Avatar
    did some already had some success with it? just wanna know :).
  2. vitas155's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by richi902
    did some already had some success with it? just wanna know :).
    installation of appendices in HDD OSD while it is too difficult for me, I will wait while you or who нибуть still will write the program for automatic installation of programs to HDD OSD
  3. br222's Avatar
    your tuto miss info PP.SLPS "create a partition" where? Hddmanager or hdd0/
  4. svotib's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by br222
    your tuto miss info PP.SLPS "create a partition" where? Hddmanager or hdd0/
  5. br222's Avatar
    ok thanks::: retry the tutorial::: see you
  6. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    i cant wait for an easy way to install apps on the hdd, i hope someone writes a program for this soon, the tutorial is a bit hard to follow right now, i cant figure out how to compare the first few lines of code with the hex editor, what hex editor should i use ? i would donate some money to anyone that can write a simple to use program to do this faster, i want all of my apps to be able to launch from the hdd from the ps2 browser, i dont need free mcboot anymore because i have a matrix infinity mod chip and i can launch any homebrew app from dev 1 "memory card" or dev 2 "hdd" just by pressing R1 or R2 while the ps2 boots, but having all my apps on the hdd and being able to load them strait from the browser is like the ultimate ps2 mod, please anyone with any experience with coding apps for the ps2 please take a look into this, i will donate money for all your efforts. im sure this could be done, im just not sure if the the app would need to be ran fromt he pc or the ps2, i would say that from the pc would be the easier way then we just need an app on the ps2 to make the partitions and install the apps to the right partitions. richi902 in the mean time can you make a video tutorial on how you got your apps to install and boot from the hdd?
  7. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    richi902, i found your injected .elf files in your mediafire downloads, can i just use the pre injected BOOT.ELF to install it on my hdd, do i just need to make a partition with PP.xxxxxxxxxx like in the tutorial ? ill try it and see for my self
  8. richi902's Avatar
    first, my injected files are for SCPH-XXXX3/4 consoles ONLY, but i also hve a regionfree DVDELF.BIN on my mediafire, in which you can inject your own homebrew, and it will work then on ANY PS2 console.
    second, you still need to create a "PP." partition, and inject the icon and all the other stuff at the partition header with a hex editor.
    i recommend "winhex"
  9. richi902's Avatar
    i just tried my tutorial myself and i noticed there is a error somewhere, i think in the system.cnf file.
    need to make further tests.
  10. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    richi902, i guess i just need to learn how to use winhex and inject files with it, ive never used a hex editor before because ive never needed one
  11. richi902's Avatar
    yeah, but still there is something wrong with my own tutorial, i just noticed it. :(
  12. blueheaven's Avatar
    Great work, never knew this could be done! I'm gonna try it as soon as i can.
    I saw on a youtube video that a psx game was running, is this possible?
    And how much space do i have to install files/apps?
    Thanx :)
    Updated 08-09-2012 at 02:52 PM by blueheaven
  13. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    any news on a simple program to install apps to the hdd ? i have no skills with hex editors what so ever lol.
  14. richi902's Avatar
    i'm afraid to say no, sadly!
  15. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    richi902, do you think its possible to run ulaunchelf hacked version and install say ulaunchelf to the hdd by giving it a partition then use kermit to instal OSD data and get the app to launch from the browser menu? im about to give this a shot to see if it works,
    thats all i need is a way to launch my homebrew apps from the OSD without freemcboot, my ps2 is chipped with a matrix infinity chip and i really have no need for ESR patching. i just want a better way to run homebrew
    Updated 01-08-2013 at 07:23 PM by lilkuz2005
  16. lilkuz2005's Avatar
    im stuck, ive been trying for the past few hours to edit the osdmain.elf to match the DVDELF and i cant figure out how, it looks like everytime i try to change it the remaining code/text is changed on its own, can anyone please make a quick video tutorial on how to install apps and launch them from the hdd?
  17. JoshMatt79's Avatar
    I can not figure this out. I am trying to hex edit ESR back on my ps2 hdd. but i just am stuck.
    Updated 01-30-2013 at 10:47 AM by JoshMatt79