Hey Ive got a blog on Assembler and I didnt even know it...

Shameless self promotion, and looking for a artist to commission.

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This is my first entry on assemblers user blog and I thought I would discuss what I have been up to the past two weeks, or just use that as a excuse for some shameless self promotion.

1. Getting my blog/website up and running.

I've had the domain, www.retrogame.co.za for a while and allways wanted to do something with it, so taking advantage of mwebs hosting special, I set out getting it up and running.

Its running E107, that I modded/customised and hacked a bit, to get it secure and running in the limitations my host set, ex: no public uploads , and a puny 50mb SQL database.

All said and done software wise its running like a dream,except for 1 thing, and that is content.

I think I will be using the website mainly for my personal blog and youtube reposts, but I feel like it might later be aimed at driving some more interest in retro gaming in South Africa, as it is a local host and a local address, and I really cant find any other local website dedicated to retro gaming.

2. Refocusing my youtube channel.

I really want to do this and take charge of my youtube channel again and start regular uploads for once, I might have 20 videos on there at the moment, but Ive never really been dedicated to getting content out there and I think in combination with my website, I might finally have the opportunity to do that.

I dont really want to change its content too much, and keep it dedicated to hardware, but I finally have the equipment to do gameplay videos properly thanks to the JNC.

I have recorded about 9 videos all ready to upload after editing, that is next weeks focus.

I allso made a channel promo to spread the word, and showcase more or less what I am doing:

3. I desperately need a artist to commission.

With the website up and youtube , I really need to commission some one to do some banners for the website, some buttons, and a youtube background or intro image, if any one is interested please PM me I cant spend much on it financially but I can see what I can do :)

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  1. Franzh11's Avatar
    Im good with gimp and photoshop, been making custom images for people for almost 2 years but didnt touch much banners and buttons . But i've already done banner before, and I can do one for you and or a background picture for youtube. just tell me what's your request and ill see what can i do.