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  1. A new project HROST

    Giving all i have on a new project:

    Hope all will start rolling properly, been doing my best!
  2. Very odd usb flash drives with possible chinese government spyware

    I was given a bunch of 1gb flash drives by a friend, the had originally been give away items at a
    marathon even in New York.

    They were black bracelets, and were very generic. They didn't seem to have much to do with running, let alone
    marathons. They were purportedly from Sprint, the phone company.

    I connected one to my PC, went to the device information and was confronted with:

    Generic Flash Disk USB

    USBSTOR\DiskGeneric_Flash_Disk______8.00 ...

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  3. Old USB standards that died out. USS725C chipset.

    Most think USB is what it means, a universal serial bus device.

    Well apparently there were some USB chipsets that did not conform and required drivers. Namely those by lucent (remember them?)

    The chipset in question is the USS725C chipset, used in "Que!" drive enclosures (absolutely worst name for a company ever).

    Naming your company after a technical term that shares meaning with one of the most common spanish phrases ever ranks up there with trying ...

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  4. ProjectM visualizations in VLC

    Want awesome visualizations in VLC? The default ones leave much to be desired.

    ProjectM is an open source competitor to Milkdrop visualization. This is what is supported in VLC, but unexplained for the most part.

    First of all, this tutorial is for Windows only, sorry.

    Navigate to the VLC install directory, and create a directory called "visualizations"

    Download the latest ProjectM visualization TAR file and extract "presets_milkdrop_200" ...
  5. PC Engine DUO-R video display issue

    About a year ago I purchased my first PC Engine from an eBay seller in the US(I live in the US so I did so to save on shipping). I paid 217.00$ and 20$ shipping for a Duo-R in box with instructions and one controller. The console was yellowed but it had no AV cable... and the cable ended up being my big problem.

    Since I had no video cable, I carelessly went back to eBay and got the cheapest cable I could find. ...
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