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  1. 64DD test homebrew

    I have nothing yet, but I still made a homebrew that detects a 64DD, even potentially a US 64DD (that's more like a fun thing, but who knows):!UMoH2AoT!8sWPPD...MF3TQLLiWIZiFc

    Just run it and it will detect retail 64DDs.
    It's a proof of concept thing. Feel free to report if it works or not.
  2. 64DD dumper Log: Fundraising

    I got fed up by the lack of things going on for the 64DD, so I decided to come and try to speed things up. I may come out of nowhere, but I still did what I think to be a significant feat about Satellaview emulation. I emulated the Satellite signal on my own back in 2009, and then I got nocash and ikari_01, who helped a lot on making emulation a lot better. I made a translation patch for the BS-X, with help from translators, I even translated pictures, and disabled the DRM. Result: High compatibility ...

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  3. PSX play on PS2 USB

    Quote Originally Posted by cozy View Post
    I joined this forum just to say thanks to everyone who has put the effort into making PSX playable from a USB without network attached!! I did run into some problems on the way and this is what I did and it worked for me:-

    1.Downloaded the Original POPS for PS2 which was EXECUTE.ELF 3.28 MB (3,448,848 bytes),patched it with the ppf-o-matic3.exe & pops_usb_patch.ppf (thanks to Delcro)

    2.Downloaded the PSX game which was Quake 2 (which I own) in NSTC and in .bin &
  4. Saturn copy protection and CDRs: the conclusive end

    Over the years, a lot of people have come up with a lot of theories about the Saturn ring protection system. And I mean a *lot*. I've been researching this for a week and it hurt my head.
    On the one hand, there is the data in the ring - pretty well understood at this point: the right timestamps in the Q subchannel and in the Mode 2 header, and the appropriate bytes for pretty EFM patterns in the payload.
    On the other hand, there are a number of people who've claimed, without providing ...
  5. Archive - Saturn CD Block ROM dumped

    Hello again!

    I'm pleased to report that I've successfully dumped the SH-1 ROM from a CDB105 Saturn CD block. This involved removing the SH-1 from a CD block board, and attaching it to a Gameboy cartridge to provide ROM and NVRAM. A custom ROM loaded via the cartridge allowed dumping the ROM via the NVRAM and thence via USB; I'm very pleased by the fact that I didn't have to write a single assembler instruction in the whole thing (it's all linker scripts and C).

    Here's ...
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